Mazda Repair

Your Mazda might be a sporty little roadster; the Miata is popular for its nimble handling and sleek chassis. It might be a sedan, or an SUV, or a Mazda2 compact. Whatever its form, your car is likely loaded with several advanced features and systems engineered for fuel efficiency, economy of operation and design, and performance.

One of Mazda's most noteworthy advancements appears on several models is the series of technological innovations in design called Skyactiv – used for engines, transmissions, and bodies. The Skyactiv engine uses a high compression ratio to squeeze more 'juice' from gas or diesel, an exhaust system designed to draw off hot air from the engine to help it run smoothly, redesigned pistons to ensure quick startup from a cold engine, and direct fuel injection to shorten the time of combustion. Skyactiv automatic transmissions were engineered to include the best feature from several different types of transmission. Skyactiv chassis designs include a lighter, more rigid frame and a redesigned suspension system.

What it all amounts to is one fact: Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care understands that fixing your Mazda requires a qualified and knowledgeable technician. With all of these advanced systems redefining standard engine systems from the ground up, it's wise to choose a shop that knows Mazda technology and has the qualifications to repair it.

Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care, located in Santa Rosa, offers both the knowledge and the experience you need. Their hardworking ASE-certified mechanics know how to handle Mazda's advanced technology, and will perform needed repairs with Mazda-certified parts and their own extensive expertise.