Lincoln Repair

Automobiles made by Lincoln are known for quality and comfort.  The current lineup from Lincoln offers sedans and SUVs with plush interiors and a wide assortment of features, many of them technological, or based on internal computer systems. This includes such additions as a dash-mounted transmission shift that lets you press a button to slip into park, neutral, or reverse, or the sync LCD screen that lets you control not just your radio and cell phone with voice activation, but also your climate control and navigation.

This is a rather radical change to the standard manufacture of automobiles. As a result, the systems for switching the transmission are likely to be unfamiliar to any mechanic who isn't conversant with the specifications of your Lincoln. Choosing a repair shop for those same traits means that the owner wants to ensure his Navigator or MKZ is serviced or fixed by the most stringent standards. He will want to be sure that he is dealing with a trustworthy business with a highly-competent staff who know the specs of his car well.

Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care at Santa Rosa provides reputable service, honest estimates and extensive knowledge of each Lincoln model. Their ASE-certified mechanics are well-versed in the specifications of your car, and perform those needed repairs with skill. They use Lincoln-certified parts and procedures to produce the best possible results.

Auto repairs are never fun, but with Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care, they can be painless.