Hyundai Repair

Whether you drive a Sonata or a Santa Fe, one resource you'll always need is a source of reputable Hyundai repair. While the company is based in Korea, the American models of the cars are designed in the US -- and many models are also manufactured here.

The company has invested heavily in ensuring good quality over time, and in recent years, has been rated among the top economy-car brands. Award-winning innovation and dependability are a hallmark of the brand. The Hyundai motto of 'new thinking, new possibilities' seems evident in the broad array of model choices and technological features offered.
Those advances add complexity to your Hyundai, though. Every additional system must be maintained – and sometimes, repaired. As a consumer, you want to know that your auto shop is as dependable as your Hyundai. Everything from routine service to major repairs requires skilled hands from a trustworthy facility.

Why choose Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care in Santa Rosa?

Reputable Hyundai-certified repair shops like Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care don't skimp by using cheap or refurbished parts in place of brand-new Hyundai-certified replacements --- and the ASE-certified mechanics you'll find there are knowledgeable of the specifics of each make and model. You can trust that your car or SUV rolls out of the repair bay in the best shape possible.

Whether your Hyundai needs a simple fix like a bumper replacement or a major job like extensive body work, you'll find the staff mechanics at Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care are up to the challenge.