Cadillac Repair

'Cadillac' has long been a synonym for 'luxury and quality'. While the company is best-known for sedans with a host of features and a smooth ride, the company offers everything from coupes to utility vehicles as well. In fact, the company's current top-selling model worldwide is not a conventional sedan, but the relatively-inexpensive SRX crossover. Despite the French name, the company is all-American, named after the founder of the city of Detroit.

The opulent offerings from Cadillac include the robust Cue driver interface system, based around an LCD touch screen that's designed with features like haptic feedback and voice recognition to let you keep eyes on the road while you drive. It integrates with USB, digital radio, and smartphones and tablets to access your devices hands-free, navigate, listen to music, and sync all your smart devices.

That feature-rich functionality comes at the cost of adding more systems to your Cadillac that need maintenance, and possibly repair further down the road. Whether your ride is an Escalade, an XTS, or one of the many other models, you'll want to know that any work done on your vehicle is reliable.

Santa Rosa Transmission and Car Care at Santa Rosa can provide an equally smooth ride through the rough terrain that often marks the process of repairing your Cadillac. ASE-certified mechanics will work to provide the highest quality in labor and the knowledge of those complex systems that are essential to proper repair. The parts used in fixing your car will be new and Cadillac-certified. Honesty in estimates and overall excellence are hallmarks of work done by Santa Rosa, and like Cadillac, customer satisfaction is their goal.